LEAD 2020 Bratislava Recap


LEAD 2020 Egypt Recap


DAY 3 – Lead with inviting – Adam Gilmer


DAY 3 – Lead with building event to event – Mark Smith


DAY 3 – Lead with business promotion – Flora Li


DAY 3 – Jeunesse Kids Final


Day 3- Ruby Recognition


Day 3 – Emerald Recognition


DAY 3—Lead with Vision—Theresa Gregory


DAY 3—Lead with Jeunesse Competitive Advanatge Panel—Lyndong B


DAY 3—Activity and Mindset—Michelle Song and Stefanie Nichols


Day 3 – Sapphire Recognition and Special Recognition


DAY 3—Global field development message for 2020—Dennis Windsor


DAY 3—Lead with closing—Stefanie Nichols


DAY 2 – Mindset for the morning—Jason Borne and Samson Li


DAY 2 – Founders Welcome


DAY 2 – Lead with your why—Yvonne Yen


DAY 2 – Leading by example—Lucy West


DAY 2 – Jeunesse Kids and We Charity


DAY 2 – CVO Welcome


DAY 1—Lead with Getting Started—Kathy Robbins


DAY 1—Lead with developing leadership—Calvin Becerra


DAY 1—Lead with the Jeunesse Global Platform—Steve and Gina Merritt


DAY 1—Tirp Earner Recognitoin, Testimonials and Lucky Draw


DAY 1—Segue to Education—Samson Li and Jasone Borne


DAY 1—Lead with a 90 day build—Bruno Brancalion


DAY 1—Presidents Welcome and Diamond Parade


DAY 1—Lead with Jeunesse Travel Panel

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