EXPO9-LATAM-Social Media Strategist Ruben Garcia


EXPO9-LATAM-President of LATAM-Miguel Beas


EXPO9-LATAM-Paloma Explaining Lottery


EXPO9-LATAM-President of LATAM Miguel Beas Close




EXPO9-LATAM-Marketing and Sales Manager-Paloma Doro Interview


EXPO9-LATAM-Jeunesse Got Talent 1st




EXPO9-LATAM-Paloma Doro-Launch – ends with Kadu Packages


EXPO9-LATAM-Marcel Szajubok Teleton


EXPO9-LATAM-Intro Entertainment


EXPO9-LATAM-Jeunesse Got Talent 2nd




EXPO9-LATAM-General Manager of Brazil-Marcel Szajubok


EXPO9-LATAM-Volei 2 General Manager Marcel Szajubok


EXPO9-LATAM-Celebration Close


EXPO9-LATAM-Emerald Panel Paloma


EXPO9-LATAM-Dr. Luis Martinez


EXPO9-LATAM-Double Diamond Scott Olsen


EXPO9-LATAM-Diamond Kadu Pimentel


EXPO9-LATAM-Double Diamond Steve and Gina Merritt


EXPO9-LATAM-Diamond-Bruno Brancalion


EXPO9-LATAM-Double Diamond Juan Carlos Barrios


EXPO9-LATAM-Diamond Parade


EXPO9-LATAM-Double Diamond Caio Carneiro


EXPO9-LATAM-Double Diamond Marcus Clemente


EXPO9-LATAM-Diamond Marcelo Serakides


EXPO9-LATAM-DJ Rankan Lights


EXPO9-LATAM-Car Giveaway


EXPO9-LATAM- Diamond Leonardo Del Passo


EXPO9-LATAM-CVO Scott Pic Moment


EXPO9-LATAM-CVO Dennis Windsor




EXPO9-LATAM- Diamond Rodrigo Berkembrock


EXPO9-LATAM- Double Diamond Fernao Battistoni


EXPO9-LATAM-Diamond Fabiano Berkembrock


EXPO9-LATAM-CVO Scott Lewis Close


EXPO9-LATAM-CMO Mark Patterson Marketing Update

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